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Winter is Coming!!!!

Thankfully Book #2 will be released long before it hits!

I am back to work with a release date somewhere between September and November of 2017.
I will be putting book #1 on Kindle for free for a week or so before the new one comes out, since it has been out for awhile now.


Up Date!!

Hi Friends!
I know its been a year since my last update and I want to send a heart felt appology to everyone – but it really was for a good reason. For the past years, I have been struggling with some serious health problems, but the one that made me stop short before getting book #2 out, was due to my current heart condition. I see the cardiac specialist/surgeon next week. Once we have the results/plans to get my heart functioning normally, then the book timelines will be back in place.

I truly look forward to the next step of this adventure with all of you!!!
L.J. Bianco

Coming Soon…

Over the coming weeks, there will be an exciting bit of news (and sorry, it’s not a Book #2’s release date announcement….well…not just yet anyways 😉 ). Keep your eyes and ears open…..it will be coming very soon!!!

LJ Bianco


Been hard at work these past few months!!
I have finished the first draft of Book #2: “The Hunt For Immortality” and I am currently editing and working on the second draft.
It’s been a long, long road…but it’s definately been worth every single hour that I have put into it!!
Once it is finally completed and ready to publish, the LJBianco Facebook page will be once again running contests!!!
Winners will receive an autographed 1st. Edition copy of Book #2: The Hunt For Immortality BEFORE it goes up for sale to the public!!
This prize also includes all shipping and handling costs (so this prize comes at ZERO cost to the winner(s).

So keep your eyes open for the upcoming contests and make sure to like the LJ Bianco FaceBook page, where all of our contests are announced!!!

Cheers My Darlings!
LJ Bianco

Best Wishes

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

August 2014 – Quick update!!

The first draft of Bloodlines: The Hunt for Immortality (Book 2) is almost finished!!
It’s been a very long road getting here, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
It will still require a few edits and possibly a revision or two of certain parts, but it is getting there!
Thank you for your support and patience!!

Quick Update!

Things have slowed down due to some health issues, but the first draft is finally almost finished!! I know I am behind schedule, but I will be working hard to get it back on track!
I promise you all that this second book will definately be worth the wait!!!

Quick update!

Book #2 in the series – The Hunt For Immortality – is moving quickly along. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of April!
I also have the plotlines for Book #3 and #4 already finished, so the books should start steadily streaming out once #2 is completed.
I can definately say that the storyline gets pretty crazy/intense as it goes along…I hope everyone will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

To the winners!!

The books have now been shipped – before today’s pick-up. (which means they will be sorted today) Not sure how long it will take to get to you, but please let me know when they arrive. Congrats again and thank-you for your patience!!!

Final draft has cleared!

The final proof has finally cleared and is now available for sale!
I have ordered my copies, which should be here next week. I will be posting when they arrive and are shipped out to the winners.
Thanks for your patience!

Contest winners announced!!!

Sorry for the announcement being a tad bit late, the flu has wrecked havoc on my body since last Saturday!

Now on to the announcement!!!!

The winner of the December 2013 draw for a free signed copy of Bloodlines: New Moon Rising is:


Congratulations Jay McEwen!!!!!

Now since it took a little longer than promised for the draw results, I have also added another winner!!!

Congratulations also goes out to Cory Har!!!!!

And well hell……it IS Christmas!!!! What’s ONE MORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The final winner is Kylie J Preugschat!!!!!!!!

Instructions for the winners:
Please send me an email to LJBianco@shaw.ca and include your name and shipping address. The books will be sent out immediately after the holidays.

Congratulations once again to Jay, Cory and Kylie!!!

New Contest!!!

So I have decided to run a small contest right now. I have made this one super simple and super easy to enter.

The contest winner will be chosen at random. Everyone that has entered will have their name put into a hat…; the names will be mixed up; I will draw a name from the hat; that person is the winner. See? Simple and easy.

Contest runs from December 4, 2013 to December 23, 2013.

So now on to how to enter.

Simply go to the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LJBiancoBloodlines?ref=hl

At the top will be the thread called New Contest. Simply hit reply and post “I’m in.”

And with that, you have entered the contest.

Now, on to the prize. The winner will receive a 2nd Edition copy of the rereleased first book in the Bloodlines series, “New Moon Rising”. It will be signed by yours truly and shipped right to you, completely free of charge.

Enter today for your chance to win!

If we get a strong response with a lot of entries, I will add MORE copies of the book to be won!

Winner(s) will be notified via email on December 24, 2013.

Winner(s) will be posted on December 24, 2013 on:

The Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LJBiancoBloodlines?ref=hl

The LJBianco website http://www.ljbianco.com/

And on Twitter https://twitter.com/LJBianco

Prize will be shipped December 27, 2013.

Finally an Update!!!

Okay. First of all, I would like to appologise for how quiet things have been lately.
A few loads of problems have slowed things down, but things should hopefully now be getting back on track.
Couple of notes:

First – There have been some big changes made to Bloodlines: New Moon Rising (the first book). I went back to it and rewrote the introduction chapters, to try and get a better flow going for it. I have just uploaded it and am waiting for it to be approved; then I will order a proof and it will be back up for sale!

Second – This being said, once it is all good to go, I will hold another contest to give away the first copy of the rereleased book!

Third – Now that Book 1 is all squared away, work will now recommence on Book 2! (thank god!!)

Fourth – Since you have all been SO patient through all of this, I have decided to announce the title of Book 2!

Coming soon – Bloodlines: The Hunt for Immortality

Stay tuned for some surprising tidbits from the second book in the series!

Quick News

Sorry for the lack of activity and/or updates lately. Health issues have slowed things down a bit. With any luck, things will be back on track really soon.

LJ Bianco


Okay. After some careful thought and consideration over this past weekend, (and after doing a search on a single name and finding 7 separate book series ALL called the same thing – by different authors) I have decided to stick with the name I originally chose when I started this journey.

Bloodlines always was and always will be the main focus of my series. I hold the copyright to it – the name is mine, so I am using it!

A whole lot of stress for me for nothing.

But it’s all good now.
I will be reworking the first 5 chapters, polishing them up a bit to make it the best it can be.

Once the new and final version is completed and it is uploaded, I will be holding a contest for the very first copy of the NEW and IMPROVED version!!! So check back in the next few days for a chance to win!

Much Love to you all!

News Update!

Today there is some good news and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news. When I first put out “Bloodlines: New Moon Rising”, I knew that there was already a series called ‘Bloodlines’. From what I had seen, it appeared to be older and quite irrelevant; and although the series is called ‘Bloodlines’, it does not appear on a single book cover in the series. Well, after some further digging, there is now a problem.

This other person’s Bloodlines book series is a spin off from her other book series – the first installment of which has recently been made into a movie. If it does well in the theatre – there is a slight chance that the spin off book series (Bloodlines) will also be made into a movie.

So what does this mean for me and my series?

If I leave it as is, there are two potential problems.

#1) People will buy my Bloodlines series thinking that it is her line of books – which could be disastrous – since her series is aimed at a younger audience and mine is aimed more at the young adult crowd.

#2) People that have read her series may think my series is more of the same – again because it is aimed at a younger audience – and not buy mine because they want more of a mature content story.

Her story is for kids; while mine is aimed more at their parents or older siblings.

Bottom line: This means that I need to change the series name. I am currently hard at work on this and will announce it as soon as I have figured it out. Once I get the new name, it will uploaded to Amazon and my book printer – so any copies from here on out will bear the new title.

For anyone that has the original book with the original title – hang onto it! It may actually be worth something big one day! 😉

Now for the GOOD news!!

A few months ago, I submitted my book to Mark Diotte, an English professor at The University of the Fraser Valley. I received a full review from him of the entire book last night. 95% of the review was fantastic! The other 5% was a few phrasing errors in the first few chapters, that seemed a bit awkward to him. I will be going over the entire book once more and making some changes to the story to make sure it is the absolute best that it can be.

Make sure you check back soon! The new title is coming and there will be a new contest to go with it!!

LJ Bianco


Just a quick update on Book #2 in the Bloodlines series.
I have just been getting settled back down in to a steady writing pace.
Book #2 is moving along very quickly and it should meet my personal publication date goal.
Which is VERY good news!
The title of Book #2 will be revealed in the coming weeks.

So make sure that you check back and check often!!!!
Keep your eyes open for upcoming contests!!!!
Watch out for updates and perhaps a few tidbits about the new book!

Love you all!
LJ Bianco

2nd Edition!!

New Moon Rising – 2nd Edition is now available!!!

There have been some formatting changes throughout the book and some actual written changes, specifically to do with Chapter 3.
Make sure you get your copy and read it before Book #2 comes out!!!

Bloodlines: New Moon Rising!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some small tidbits with you from Book #2!
It’s been coming along nicely and a bit quicker than anticpated – hopefully it continues at this pace!

Make sure you keep checking back in the coming weeks!
The New Contests are coming up!!!

And the Winner is………..

First, I would like to thank everyone that entered!!

I decided about two weeks ago that I would draw 1 name for 1-100 entries, then add another name draw for 101-200 entries and another for 201-300 entries.
Since the total entries were 128, that means that there will be TWO winners of a signed 1st. Edition copy of New Moon Rising, shipped to you free of charge!

The names of the Winners of the very first Bloodlines contest is:

Justin Ruscheinski


Josie  Erikssen!!!!!

Congrats to you both!!!!!

Please email me at LJBianco@LJBianco.com with your full address. The books will be shipping tomorrow!!!!!


Contest is closed!

Okay! So in total there are 128 entries in the contest!
I’ll be drawing the winner in the next hour or two, so check back later to see if YOU won!!!!